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Unexpected New Experiences

Sally Sattler

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Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the 'Bush Telegraph'.

Wishing you all Health, Wealth & Happiness in 2018!  Are we all ready to make this our best year yet?  

My mantra this year is, to embrace change, be thankful for the kind people and make the most of my current situation. Do you have a Mantra or Goal to live by this year?  Aiming to improve yourself or lifestyle a little each day?   To endorse my thoughts, I’m going to share a story (personal experience) that holds relevance to the growth of G&J the label and my 2018 mantra.  I have a feeling all of us have been in unsuspecting situations and will relate.  As Beyoncé would say ‘When life give you lemons, make lemonade’.


~Unsuspected New Experiences~

One of my favourite childhood movies was the Man From Snowy River, who didn’t love that film? Who wasn’t romanced with the thought of mountain living with a crackling fire?  Well I managed to find a mountain man, packed my bags & relocated below the border in my early twenties. 

Times had certainly changed since Banjo Patterson last went through, thousands of residents use gas heaters, horses are only for the rich, traffic jam for hours & mountain magic is considered real. Although my expectations of riding horses, dressing up for race meets & open fires were somewhat uncommon; multicultural restaurants, winding roads lined with historical trees & a home with three bathrooms with two spas surprisingly took some getting used too.  You’re now wondering what’s hard about living fancy, occasionally? Trading a Race Day for a Mountain Festival or home cooking for a Shangri-La degustation setting with Sydney Harbour views, it was the high life.  I’ll put this into prospective for you, I ordered vegetables at a Chinese Restaurant and thought I was getting potato & pumpkin, instead I received a meal that resembled bamboo sticks.  I was a long way from mums home made fried rice that’s for sure, this was the real deal.  And at this point I would of given anything to be home on the Downs.  

As months passed I was feeling isolated & desperate to take control of my life to feel a sense of belonging, determined not to flee home to QLD.  Although never interested in cutting my life short I’d convinced myself that if I survive throwing myself out of a plane I could survive anything.  I can positively state I’ll never sky dive again but it gave me the kick start I was looking for.  Once safely back on the ground I made a conscious decision to be mindful and enjoy situations for what they were, if I didn’t enjoy them I would learn from them.  It wasn’t long before I could see what was in front of me the entire time, creative mountain people sharing my life, a back yard with some of Australia’s most scenic landscapes, historic landmarks & Australia's best academies within a couple of hours’ drive.  We cannot control our lives 100% but we can make the most of what we have 100% of the time.

Looking back, my Mountain Chapter was a learning curve which I was completely unprepared and now, so thankful for.  I believe once you get through uncomfortable situations you’re stronger & better equipped for what lies ahead.  If you never leave your comfort zone how will you find your treasure?  I’ve learned not to be afraid of new experiences, they simply embellish & decorate beautiful person you already are.  Follow your arrow and believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless.




Today I have shared my experience trusting we’ve all struggled at some point of our lives to feel accepted or belong.  Someone you know maybe facing this feeling on a regular basis and they are doing their best to hide who they truly are. Part of our Gypsy&Jean Mission is to support women to be the best version of themselves and feel proud to be individual. It’s interesting to reflect on how far society has come in such a short time, continual change is inevitable. 

In conclusion I've included some script from a one of my favourite scenes in the Man From Snowy River, set in the dining room of the homestead when Aunt Rosemary takes Mr Paterson by surprise.

Aunt Rosemary: Would you pass the decanter, please? Mr Paterson?

Mr Paterson: I'm sorry. I didn't realise.

Aunt Rosemary: That women may also enjoy what custom deems is a man's privilege?

Mr Harrison: None of your speeches. Jessica: Aunt Rosemary's quite right. Women SHOULD have the right to do anything they're capable of.

Mr Harrison: You hear that? The notion's like a germ. My own daughter infected with your nonsense.

Aunt Rosemary: Your own daughter, as you know, has a good mind, a way with horses and an eye for stockbreeding. Now would you have these developed, or would you condemn her to domestic dullness

Mr Harrison: You should be in a ladys' college, and not in the stables. Well, whatever the complexities of the argument, you're certainly proof the legal profession's been denied the services of a great advocate. Women lawyers? That'll be the day.

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With Love & Kindness
'The House I called home but never felt home' 

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