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Below is an extract from Gypsy&Jeans Monthly Newsletter 'The Bush Telegraph' if you would like to receive new material like this each month please subscribe    ~Unsuspected New Experiences~ One of my favourite childhood movies was the Man From Snowy River, who didn’t love that film? Who wasn’t romanced with the thought of mountain living with a crackling fire?  Well I managed to find a mountain man, packed my bags & relocated below the border in my early twenties. Times had certainly changed since Banjo Patterson last went through, thousands of residents use gas heaters, horses are only for the...

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Effortless Seal of Chicness: The Magic of Versatile Clothing

We all have that one incredibly versatile piece of clothing that we all cherish. For some, it may be a blouse, a skirt, or for many others a dress. It’s that one clothing item that you can style for any occasion and feel confident, classy and above all, yourself.       You cherish it because on days when you simply cannot decide what to wear it comes to rescue you with its fabulous versatility. In this post, we will raise a toast to all those versatile clothing items in our wardrobe that have never failed us.     Ladies,...

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Timeless Fashion – Classic Cuts Will Never Go Out of Style.

The fashion trends keep on changing and refreshing by the passage of time but there are certain styles and cuts that remain unchanged and are considered as timeless trends. Here we share some of the most stunning fashion trends that were predominant in past and have a timeless charm in the modern fashion world too.   Ladylike -  Perfect Office Wear: Starting from the 1950s, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and many such iconic celebrities of the time gave rise to this stylish trend for the women who wanted to enforce a well-dressed and polished look of the women. The high-waisted...

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