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Timeless Fashion – Classic Cuts Will Never Go Out of Style.

The fashion trends keep on changing and refreshing by the passage of time but there are certain styles and cuts that remain unchanged and are considered as timeless trends. Here we share some of the most stunning fashion trends that were predominant in past and have a timeless charm in the modern fashion world too.


Ladylike -  Perfect Office Wear:

Starting from the 1950s, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and many such iconic celebrities of the time gave rise to this stylish trend for the women who wanted to enforce a well-dressed and polished look of the women. The high-waisted midi or long skirt, with crisp cotton button down shirt that is properly tucked in, complemented the feminine curves with the elegance. The ladylike attire had remained in the fashion world and is still much popular among the power women of today. The midi dress in fine fabric and waist belt with the classic heels enhance the sophistication and grace of the women. In order to wear this style like a modern fashionista, you can create a blouse and skirt combo of contrasting colour and accessorize the look with the classy vintage jewellery and formal shoes. For the formal party event you can dress up with the wrap shirt and a stylishly embellished skirt to create a ladylike glamorous look.


Minimalism - Clean Lines and Functionality:

After the huge trends of exaggerated ornamentation and monochromatic cuts, 90s had seen a revolution of minimalist trend that was successfully pioneered by Prada. The simple shapes, subtle and sleek cuts ruled the fashion world ever since. The classic clean lines, cuts and practicality of the outfits have always been an inspiration for people and minimalist trend has made it stylishly easy. In the contemporary times, the minimalist trend is prevailing with some sensational innovation. The striking asymmetrical cuts and the hems and neckline have bold details that make the outfit stand out of the crowd. To create the huge style impact, you can pick a statement making accessory such as a vibrant scarf, sculptured cuff or bold earrings to pop against something basic.


Military Inspired - Versatile Casual style:

During the World War 2 the military outfit styles entered the lifestyle and fashion of the common man. The trench coats, cargo pants, army jackets and many more had become a popular trend, a military style flaunted by iconic personalities such as Lauren Hutton, gradually became a wardrobe staples for everyone. The versatility and functionality of the military style of clothing has attracted everyone and they are highly popular even today. There is a subtle sense of grace and rough and tough look that attracts almost everyone. You can add trendy fashion accessories to highlight the charming effect of these kinds of classic cuts and styles.


Wrap Dresses - Timeless Appeal:

The inspirational designer Diane von Furstenberg revolutionized the female dress cuts and style in 70s and it is considered as a wardrobe staple for the stylish women, in the modern times too. The gorgeous wrap dress seemed to be always an ‘it’ clothing item in the fashion world although there has been latest fashion additions and innovation added to its basic features, but the classic cut has its own timeless appeal.


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