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Chinchilla News Article - October 2018 - Fashion Label Launches

Fashion Line Launches



MILES fashion designer Sally Sattler has just launched her latest line of clothing as part of her label Gypsy & Jean.  The 33-year-old is originally from Wandoan and held an exclusive preview of the line there earlier this month, followed by another in Miles.


Miss Sattler said she started the Gypsy & Jean label in February, catering to the country women's market by designing clothes that were "versatile and sustainable for travel, work, and social occasions”.  I first opened the label when I was living in Darwin in the Territory, I've recently come home and just released the second collection, which is based on the top end of Australia,” she said.


Everything is made from scratch - all clothing design, manufacturing, and releasing is done by hand. "They're boutique collections and small collections so they're not manufactured en masse, just a boutique line, hand-made,” Miss Sattler said.

For Miss Sattler, it was important to create a label that catered to country women, who she felt had been largely left out of the fashion world.  "I don't think country ladies are represented very well in the fashion industry, I think we're a little bit forgotten about,” she said. "But it's very much the heart of my business, is serving ladies in the community and country areas. "We've bridged the gap between contemporary and classic so we fit perfectly for country women.”


One of the best things of starting up the business was the inherent creativity and networking involved.  "The best thing about the business is meeting like-minded ladies and being creative,” Miss Sattler said. "I've always been creative but never been able to use it as an outlet, so I guess that's my favourite part about having a label at the moment, it's going really well and been received really well in the country.  "So hopefully I've got another couple of collections to release in the year to come.”


After such successful launch events, Miss Sattler said she was humbled by the "amazing” community support. "It's very humbling to be gone for 15 years and then have such a brilliant and successful day like today, it's a great feeling, and I think they really enjoyed something different to come to town for and something a little more feminine than a bull sale or campdraft.”


Miss Sattler said she was hoping to do some pop-up shops and ladies days across the region in the next six months, but clothes could be ordered straight away from her website


Chinchilla News - Brooke Duncan 



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