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Our Story

Gypsy&Jean was born when designer Sally Jean decided to throw caution to the wind in search of adventure throughout the open roads of Australia. The country-born designer left her familiar surroundings in her 1976 Kombi Van and encountered fresh energy, friendship and memorable experiences.


 During the journey, she met a cast of characters who were as unique as their lifestyles & ultimately gave her the inspiration to create Gypsy&Jean.


 Sally Jean’s staple classic personal style combined with learnings from life on the road, organically melded together to create unique outfits that stretched across several archetypes of fashion. Sunday Best for Sydney, Freedom Threads for Byron Bay, Summer Dresses for Port Douglas, and closer to her heritage, RM Williams boots and an Akubra from Longreach to Darwin. The circumstances could have limited her sartorial possibilities, but instead she created a plethora of wonderful options. Every outfit had its own personality & story.


 The creation of this aesthetic was a spontaneous process that didn’t just stem from the people and cultures she encountered, but from where and how she spent her days. During Sally Jean’s travels across the sunburnt Australian country, her forced minimalist wardrobe changed constantly to adjust with seasons & landscapes.


 Australia has an ever-changing culture of style as diverse as its topography.  Mixing together a newfound sense of chic with the timeless influence from a conventional country upbringing, Gypsy&Jean seamlessly incorporates femininity with function while always harking back to the everlasting charm of the country.


 Gypsy&Jean is an authentic representation of Sally Jean’s life journey presented through style, images & content. Set out on this adventure with us as your source of inspiration.