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Our Mission

At Gypsy&Jean, our mission is simple. We strive to produce versatile, well-made, wearable clothing that speaks to women with substance, creativity and talent who follow their own arrow. We aim to be the wardrobe that thinkers, doers, travellers and explorers reach for in order to look polished and provide confidence in any endeavor they undertake.

Designer Sally Jean believes that together as a community of like-minded women we can make a difference to the way people view themselves and their lifestyles.

Gypsy&Jean was born from Australia's vast offerings, and because it served as our inspiration for the brand, one of our core missions is to showcase what the country has to offer.

From travelling the sunburnt country of Australia, Sally Jean was exposed to many cultures and Australian ways of life, each beautiful and unique in their individual way. She showcases the beauty throughout her collections.

Australia is a guiding light in everything we create at Gypsy&Jean, whose first collection is based on the heritage of country raising.  Our collections are designed 100% in Australia and our photo campaigns are shot showcasing the diversity of Australia, highlighting the beauty & treasures Australia offers.

We’re passionate about our brand values which form the framework of our business: Community Connection, Personal Growth, Freedom, Individuality and Grace.

We encourage our customers to be proud individuals, improve their lifestyles  a little each day, following their arrow to dreams and aspirations and ultimately discovering happiness.

Beginning the day with your best foot forward and becoming the best version of yourself is the heart of our existence. We believe the best way of doing so is looking great and feeling confident, that’s where Gypsy&Jean comes in.