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ARNHEM - High Waisted Linen Skirt - Injalak Print

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This high-waisted A-line skirt is the perfect statement piece. It’s midi-length lends itself to more formal events, as well, can be paired with chunky heels or flats, depending on the occasion.  It can be styled in loads of different ways, from a classic, white button-down, to a crop or even a tucked-in T-shirt.  This Skirt include two pockets, cheer!

Gypsy&Jean would like to thank Pricilla Badari, Katra Nganjmirra and Sylivai Badari who are accomplished fiber artists and designed this print named Marebu, Woven Mats.  This linen fabric was hand printed in Arnhemland, Northern Territory. 

Marebu (woven mats) were traditionally valuable items made by women.  They were made in a variety of shapes and had many uses including: being worn, used as surfaces for food preparation and used during ceremonies.  Children could sleep on them or be rolled up and carried, especially during yekke (the cold season).  Pricilla Badari explains that people were originally inspired to make round mats by the shape of the moon.  This design was based on real examples of woven Pandanus spiralus marebu at Injalak Arts with all their variety of pattern and weaving techniques.  It is a vibrant design that expresses the women's love for their culture heritage and their desire to extend it to new media.  

Fabric - Hand Printed Linen 

Fit - True to Size

Length - Mid

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